A Christian Critique of Postmodernism

Two weeks ago, I wrote a post called, “How Does Your Worldview Answer Four Big Questions?” The bulk of the post compared Christianity and naturalism, which fall under two of the five major worldview categories. Last week, I looked in-depth at evolution, the most obvious expression of naturalism. This week, I’m focusing on postmodernism, oneContinue reading “A Christian Critique of Postmodernism”

How Does Your Worldview Answer Four Big Questions?

I first encountered the word “worldview” in 1989 in books by Charles Colson.  He defined it as “the sum total of our beliefs about the world, the ‘big picture’ that directs our daily decisions and actions.”  There are different ways to classify worldviews, but I recently discovered a helpful chart that classifies all views ofContinue reading “How Does Your Worldview Answer Four Big Questions?”