Making Your Mark

People may not articulate it or even be aware of it, but deep down, everyone wants to make their mark in life. Some ways are very negative, while others are positive, even God-glorifying. In my city, as in many others, there are two very obvious negative ways I have noticed that people try to makeContinue reading “Making Your Mark”

More about Heroism

At the beginning of this month, Jordan Neely, a homeless man, entered a New York subway car and began both speaking and acting in a threatening manner to the other passengers. According to the police report, Neely was acting in a “hostile and erratic” manner while shouting threats that he would hurt people. He alsoContinue reading “More about Heroism”

Climate Change: Alarmism vs. Facts

Much has been written and said about climate change, often with rather extreme predictions about what will happen relatively soon if we don’t make radical lifestyle changes. This post begins with examples of alarmist predictions related to climate change and then moves on to facts via a couple of “cool” graphs that I came across.Continue reading “Climate Change: Alarmism vs. Facts”

Volunteerism in My Community, Then and Now

Volunteering in various ways has always been important to my wife and me, so when we moved our young family to our current location back in the mid-1990s, we immediately started looking for ways to volunteer. We hosted a Vacation Bible School in our backyard a few weeks after we moved, and the following year,Continue reading “Volunteerism in My Community, Then and Now”

“Forgive Them” and “Remember Me”

With Good Friday just a couple of days away, I’ve been thinking a lot about what Jesus said while He was on the cross. You may know that there were seven things recorded in Scripture that He said; in this post, I am focusing on the first two. First of all, let’s look at theContinue reading ““Forgive Them” and “Remember Me””