Four Types of Answers to Prayer

Over the years, I’ve often read and heard things like “God didn’t hear my prayer,” or “God didn’t answer my prayer.” These statements betray a singular focus on one aspect of prayer, that being requests. There is so much more to prayer than requests, including confession, praise/adoration, and thanksgiving. Regarding sin and confession, here’s whatContinue reading “Four Types of Answers to Prayer”

Hypocrisy vs. Integrity

I don’t know how much you follow the news, but it seems to me that hypocrisy has gotten worse since COVID first hit nearly three years ago. Even though the COVID threat has largely abated, however, the hypocrisy continues. Two recent examples (not COVID-related) have especially caught my attention. The first one was in November,Continue reading “Hypocrisy vs. Integrity”

More Keys to a Successful Marriage

A few months ago, I came across an article (written in April of this year) by Matt Christensen, offering marital advice from 25 people who have been married 25+ years. As my wife and I are just three days away from our 34th wedding anniversary, I thought now would be a good time to writeContinue reading “More Keys to a Successful Marriage”

The “Foolishness” of Christmas

When I was a young Christian many years ago at a Christian college, one of my professors brought in an article for us to read; I believe it was called “Such Foolishness.” The author looked at 1 Corinthians 1:18-31 and wrote about the “foolishness” of the Gospel, meaning that from the perspective of an unbeliever,Continue reading “The “Foolishness” of Christmas”

Religious Observance in Western Europe and the U.S.

I recently came across an interesting article which was primarily about religious observance in western Europe, but which also compared that region with the United States. Even though this research is four years old, it’s still timely and points out some significant differences between these two geographical areas. First of all, what is meant byContinue reading “Religious Observance in Western Europe and the U.S.”