Religious Observance in Western Europe and the U.S.

I recently came across an interesting article which was primarily about religious observance in western Europe, but which also compared that region with the United States. Even though this research is four years old, it’s still timely and points out some significant differences between these two geographical areas. First of all, what is meant byContinue reading “Religious Observance in Western Europe and the U.S.”

Optimism vs. Pessimism

How do you view the future? Do you look ahead with hopefulness and confidence? If so, you are an optimist; if not, you are a pessimist. 47% percent of Americans are either very or somewhat optimistic, while 53% of us are generally, somewhat, or very pessimistic; this is all in relation to the perceived directionContinue reading “Optimism vs. Pessimism”

Evidence for the Resurrection

For some people, supporting evidence for what we believe does not seem to be very important. There’s a song that my daughter and I like called “All This Time” by Britt Nicole. She sings in one part, “I hear these people asking me, ‘How do I know what I believe?’ Well, I’m not the sameContinue reading “Evidence for the Resurrection”

A Christian Critique of Postmodernism

Two weeks ago, I wrote a post called, “How Does Your Worldview Answer Four Big Questions?” The bulk of the post compared Christianity and naturalism, which fall under two of the five major worldview categories. Last week, I looked in-depth at evolution, the most obvious expression of naturalism. This week, I’m focusing on postmodernism, oneContinue reading “A Christian Critique of Postmodernism”

What Will Heaven Be Like?

Maybe when you think of heaven, images of harps, halos, and people sitting on clouds come to mind. If so, those are cultural images which have nothing to do with the reality of heaven. (OK, maybe the harps!) In truth, prior to my discovery of the book Heaven (2004) by Randy Alcorn, I did notContinue reading “What Will Heaven Be Like?”