How Effective Were the Lockdowns?

A week ago, there was a rather startling statistic that made headlines regarding the effectiveness of COVID lockdowns. One of the things that made this statistic more credible than some was that it came from a study by Johns Hopkins University. What they found is that lockdowns reduced COVID deaths by a mere 0.2%. HereContinue reading “How Effective Were the Lockdowns?”

A Further Christian Response to COVID-19

In mid-May of last year, I wrote a post responding to COVID-19, including some predictions, but especially about people’s reactions to it. If you’re interested in reading it, click here: Obviously, a lot has happened since then in terms of our understanding of it, so it’s time for an update. To begin with, let’sContinue reading “A Further Christian Response to COVID-19”

A Christian Response to COVID-19

The title of this post begins with the word “a,” meaning that I think there are many ways for Christians to respond to the coronavirus. What follows is one Christian’s response. Let’s start with the shelter-in-place and stay-at-home orders which have become so pervasive. While I believe there is a place for them, especially toContinue reading “A Christian Response to COVID-19”